What does the construction permit process consist of?

If a construction permit is required, the homeowner or contractor applies for the permit. The permit application requires information about the construction project including who will perform the work and what, when and how the work will be done. Sketches, drawings, plans or other documentation of the work will have to be submitted for review, as will payment of the appropriate permit fees upon approval.


If you are using a home improvement contractor be aware that the Contractors’ Registration Act requires all home improvement contractors to be registered with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. The Office of Construction Codes is barred from issuing construction permits to an unregistered home improvement contractor who is required to register.

Completing the Application

After the permit application is completed, it is reviewed by the subcode official who will determine if the project is in compliance with the construction codes, zoning ordinance and other municipal or state ordinances and statutes. Applications may be approved, disapproved, or additional information and clarification may be requested.

If the permit application is rejected, the applicant is notified of the reason and may opt to correct and resubmit or appeal the decision. If it is approved, it is processed by the office, the applicant pays the calculated permit fees and a permit is issued.

Construction Permit

The construction permit is the document which grants legal permission for construction to start. Each major phase of construction must be inspected to make certain the work conforms to the appropriate code, the permit, and the approved plans. As construction proceeds, the applicant refers to the inspection schedule and calls the Construction Office to schedule the various inspections.

Completing the Certificate

Upon completion and final inspection of all work, the Construction Official issues a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or a Certificate of Approval (CA), the formal document which marks the completion of the construction project. Note that the work is not considered complete until all inspections have been completed and the Construction Official issues the CO or CA.

For more information, visit the Construction Department page by CLICKING HERE.

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