Darress Theatre

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The Darress Theatre Project

The Town of Boonton purchased the Darress Theatre in December 2020 to rehabilitate the building into an active Regional Performing Art Center seating approximately 500 patrons. The project will take collaboration of grant funding, nonprofit fundraising, federal and state tax credits, and bonding to see the project through to completion. A simple project overview divided into three phases is summarized below. Questions regarding this project can be emailed to the Special Projects Coordinator. Excerpts from the concept design renderings can be found in the slideshow at the end of the project summary.


  • Create a performing arts center offering concerts, theatre, comedy, lectures, and community outreach programs for children and adults. 
  • Honor the historical significance of the Darress as a cornerstone of Boonton’s downtown.
  • Enhance the economic vitality of Boonton and the surrounding region.

Phase I  completed

• Building acquisition

• Creation of Master Plan and Concept Design

• Certificate of Eligibility for historical recognition on NJ Register of Historic Places

• Grant applications

A timeline summary of the Phase I milestones is below



Phase II in progress, March 2025 estimated completion

• Listing on the Historical Register

• Complete set of construction documents

• Grant applications and awards

• Friends of the Darress Fundraising

• Venue Management

Phase II

Phase III future

• Construction

Concept Design Renderings

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