Serving Food to the Public at Events

Requirements for the Service of Food at Temporary Events


Many potential vendors are not aware that foods made available to the public – whether in restaurants or at temporary events like parades, fairs or festivals – are regulated statewide through N.J.A.C. 8:24 and the Town of Boonton Board of Health Code, Chapter 163.


A Temporary Retail Food License is required whenever: 


  • Food is sold to the public or distributed without charge
  • Food is offered via a brick-and-mortar establishment, like a restaurant or grocery store
  • Food is vended by a mobile establishment, like a catering or ice cream truck
  • Food is provided at temporary events like parades, carnivals or farmer’s markets
  • Food is fully prepared from fresh ingredients or pre-wrapped (i.e., sealed sodas, pre-packaged candies).



Like you, the Boonton Health Department wishes to keep the community safe.  We are here to answer your questions; a Temporary Retail Food License application may be obtained by contacting the Health Department:


Town of Boonton Health Department
100 Washington Street
Boonton, NJ 07005

Telephone: 973-402-9410, ext. 633


Individuals or corporations found vending foods to the public without first having obtained a retail food license may be subject to summons and court action, so please…


When in doubt, reach out!