Town of Boonton Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program

Financial assistance is available for the rehabilitation of owner-occupied one family houses to assist residents in the removal of unsafe conditions in their dwellings, such as plumbing, heating/energy, electrical, lead-based paint, roof, structural, siding and wall masonry, exterior painting, interior improvements and premise repairs. 

To be eligible for assistance, applicants must meet federally recognized income guidelines

Initial Application can be found here

For additional information or questions regarding how the program works or to see if you are qualified, please contact Patrick Laverty, Zoning Officer/Affordable Housing Liaison at 973-402-9410 x 632

 Buying / Selling / Renting a Residential or Non- Residential Property

As of 10/1/2021 an inspection will be required at the change of ownership or rentals. The Code Enforcement Officer will conduct all inspections in which a completed application has been submitted and scheduled. Applications may be found here.

For each and every unit either sold or rented, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued. This certificate is also referred to as a Smoke Certificate used when closing on real estate.
The process is designed to proactively address any deficiencies within and around all properties in the Town of Boonton.

The process is simple and streamlined as to not delay any transfers of ownership or new tenancies. Inspections are conducted every week to ensure a Certificate of Compliance can be issued in a timely manner. The best practice is to submit at least 2 weeks prior to your anticipated closing or rental of tenant space. More information may be found here. 

For additional information or questions, please contact the Housing/Zoning Department at 973-402-9410 x632

Vacant and Abandoned Property Register

The Town of Boonton has partnered with PROCHAMPS to administer its Vacant and Abandoned Property Registration process. In order to comply with the Town's Vacant and Abandoned Property Ordinance all owners / mortgagees / trustees of vacant and abandoned properties must register online via PROCHAMPS.COM and pay a registration fee.  

Customer support questions should be directed to support@prochamps.com or 321-421-6639.

Rental Properties

Certificate of Compliance Fees

Type Fee
Residential detached single family $50 per dwelling unit
Residential two (2) family or multi-family  $50 for the first dwelling unit, plus $25 per additional dwelling unit
Rooming or boarding house $100 for the dwelling unit, plus $10 per rooming / boarding unit
Commercial, retail, and industrial $100 per unit
  1. Patrick Laverty

    Code Enforcement/ Prop. Maint./ Zoning
    Phone: 973 402-9410, ext. 632

SDL Portal

Spatial Data Logic (SDL) allows you to access and submit forms online and to track information about your property.

New users can sign up here. Select Boonton Town NOT Township.

Existing users can login here.

Forms and info can be found here.

Renter's Guide

In 2016, the town began tracking code violations as they relate to rental properties. Our findings concluded that large numbers of violations were caused by well-intended renters who simply didn’t know town rules. This was especially the case with regard to recycling and waste / bulky item disposal.

To help prevent this from happening and help you educate your tenants BEFORE violations occur, we created a Boonton Renter's Guide. Please provide your tenants with a copy of this resource upon signing a lease.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.