Sidewalk Rehab Program


In January of 2019, the Town entered into a contract with Always Safe Sidewalks to remove many trip hazards throughout all 4 Wards caused by municipally planted trees.  As defined by the Federal Register of the United States Department of Justice, a trip hazard is any change in level of 1/4 of an inch (6mm) or higher on any surface. These trip hazards are typically caused by heaving, ground settling and underlying roots from trees. They are most commonly found on sidewalks at joints or cracks, and represents a liability to municipalities, property owners, and corporations according to the ADA.

Please be reminded that sidewalk conditions are the responsibility of the property owner.  Should you have additional damage or trip hazards, it is your responsibility to contract with a professional to make necessary repairs according to the town code (§ 254).

The following language can be found on their website.  A link to their site can be found below.


Always Safe Sidewalks specializes in removing trip hazards from sidewalks and access ramps. 

The Always Safe Sidewalk Difference

Our service is unique, because we use a patented technology, which removes hazardous offsets in a precise and smooth cut. Many of our repairs can be completed in minutes, reducing your cost and eliminating exposures on your propert

Traditional concrete grinders and scabblers are unable to reach the edges of the sidewalk or grind each concrete section to be level with the next, so the trip hazard - and the liability - often remains. These grinding methods can also leave an unattractive ragged finish. Sidewalk replacement and filling alternatives are both time-consuming and costly.

The Always Safe Sidewalk approach can reach the edges of every sidewalk and remove trip hazards from virtually any angle and at any location. The technique eliminates trip hazards caused by cracked or uneven concrete, even if they are located in hard-to-reach places like gutters or walls. Our method takes very little time, providing few inconveniences to people using the walkway. 

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