Overlook Rehab Project

Current photo of the overlook

The volunteer Design Committee at Boonton Main Street, Inc. has been annually choosing one larger rehab/renovation project on Main Street that will enhance the town.  In 2016 they upgraded 203-209 Main Street and provided a much improved visual “gateway” to Boonton’s Lower Main Street.  In 2017 they relocated the kiosk from the boardwalk to the Post Office Plaza and created a parklet by adding additional seating.  Their proposed 2018 project is the rehab/renovate of the Canalside Park Overlook.

At the a February 2018 Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting, Committee volunteer and Boonton resident Suzanne Guerin said, "One of the reasons people move to Boonton and love the town is because of it’s walkability and sense of community.  As it stands now, there are limited places to sit and relax or chat, etc when you are walking that long stretch along upper Main Street above Canalside Park, and in their current condition those limited places are drab, uninviting, and underutilized.  What we are proposing for the Canalside Park Overlook specifically would change that and also create another attractive 'gateway', this time to Boonton’s Upper Main Street."

Proposed improvements include:

  • Widening the entrance to the overlook
  • Removing the current picnic table and planter
  • Replacing one of the fencing slats with wire cable railing (spaced 3” apart) to enhance the view of the falls
  • Staining the overlook a warm brown color and the balusters “Boonton Red”
  • Adding a hand crafted multilevel seating area in the center
BMS Upper Main Overlook Sketch

The funds to renovate the overlook would be secured by the BMS Design Committee, either through their ongoing design-project budget and/or through additional fundraising. Requests made to the Mayor and Board included: 

  • No charge for any construction debris brought to the Recycling Center from the project site
  • If permits are required, no fees for the permits
  • A trash and recycling can to be added at the entrance of the Overlook upon project completion
  • Removal of the concrete pad in front of the opening and construction of 2 new concrete pads for the new wider opening

The Mayor and Board approved the request pending input from the Department of Public Works Director.  The Design Team's plan is to begin work at the end of April or the beginning of May and finish by the end of June.  The work would be done by BMS Design Committee volunteers and friends of volunteers including professional carpenters.