Animal Surrender

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The Town of Boonton does not have an animal shelter and is NOT affiliated with the Montville Animal Shelter. They DO NOT accept animals from Town of Boonton residents.

Therefore, we must take any stray or surrendered animals to our impound facility. The impound facility is different from an animal shelter in that it is only for short-term temporary housing until a final disposition can be determined.

Therefore, the Town of Boonton will only accept animal surrenders if the owner has previously made a valid attempt to find a person or animal shelter to take their animal. Our impound facility is only a "last resort" and not an ideal solution.  You must first speak with the Animal Control Officer, who will make the final determination as to whether or not we can accept your animal. If so, arrangements will be made to pick up the animal at your residence. It cannot be dropped off

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It is a crime for you to abandon your animal. You cannot simply leave your pet when you move and you cannot just put it out in the street. If we find animals that are abandoned in this way, the owner(s) will be subject to a fine and possible animal cruelty charges which carry a hefty fine and possible jail time.

We will only accept a surrendered animal under the following conditions:

  1. You have spoken to the Animal Control Officer and an official determination has been  made to accept the animal.
  2. The animal is licensed in the Town of Boonton.
  3. You are the rightful owner of the animal and can provide proof.
  4. You provide proof that you are a resident of the Town of Boonton.
  5. You provide a positive form of identification (e.g. driver’s license).
  6. You pay a $50 surrender fee per animal.
  7. You provide any and all available medical paperwork for the animal.
  8. You fill out an Animal Surrender Form.
  9. Arrangements have been made with the Animal Control Officer to pick-up the animal at your residence.  It cannot be dropped off.

Once surrendered, we cannot guarantee what will happen to the animal. A best effort is made to have all suitable and healthy animals placed for adoption with one of several local organizations.

Please be advised that we will not accept surrendered animals for euthanasia. You should take the animal to your veterinarian if this is required.