Department Staff & Hiring

Department Roster

Chief David Mayhood 0026
Captain Stephen Jones 0045
Leuitenant Royce Stafford 0035
Sergeant Richard Vnencak 0031
Sergeant Steven Kairys 0044
Detective Sergeant Christian Trowbridge 0036
Detective Karl Mangino 0041
Detective Brian Walinski 0038
Patrolman Andre Gibson 0033
Patrolman George Johnson 0049
Patrolman Anthony Cosentino 0051
Patrolman Michael Gulla 0052
Patrolman Christopher Petonak 0053
Patrolman Anthony Limandri 0055
Patrolman Joseph Bolcar 0056
Patrolman Daniel Mondino 0057
Patrolman Leo Colombo 0058
Patrolman George Westenberger 0059
Patrolman Nicholas Questa 0060
Patrolman Shane Dencker 0061
Patrolman Christian Danzi 0062
Dispatcher Mario Santulli 0147
Dispatcher Willaim Olesin 0152
Dispatcher Travis Knoedler 0141
Special Officer Daniel Vnencak 1003
Parking Enforcement Officer Matthew Mondino  
Records Clerk Jennifer Crespo  

Hiring & Recruitment

New Jersey Civil Service Commission Logo

The Town of Boonton is a NEW JERSEY CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION - LAW ENFORCEMENT jurisdiction, therefore, all phases of the recruitment, selection, and hiring process for entry level law enforcement positions conform to the rules and regulations established by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission and Town of Boonton Code.

Entry-level examinations are conducted exclusively by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission approximately once every two years. Information about upcoming tests can be found HERE. Once an individual has successfully passed the entry-level examination they will be placed on a list of candidates that the Town of Boonton Police Department can draw from. When a position becomes available, a list of eligible candidates is requested from the State Civil Service Commission, and up to ten (10) of the top candidates who have responded that they are interested in the position will receive notice to respond to pick up an application for employment. Upon successful completion of the written application process, candidates will be subject to background investigations including, but not limited to, fingerprinting, criminal & motor vehicle history checks, reference checks, and panel interviews from Officers in various ranks of the Agency. If an individual successfully completes this phase of pre-employment screening, they will be offered a conditional offer of employment, subject to psychological and medical screenings.