Department Operations

Under its accreditation status, the Boonton Police Department operates to the highest standards.  Below, you may download an organization chart as well as a departmental function chart to learn more about how the department is staffed and the functions it performs.  Further below are additional details about several of the divisions and the Body Worn Cameras (BWC) the department employs.

Download org chart here:

Police Staffing Structure as of 2017

Download function chart here:

Police Function Chart

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division constitutes the majority of Police Department staff. There are 4 squads consisting of 3 Patrol Officers and 1 Patrol Sergeant for a total of 16 Officers. In the absence of the Sergeant, the most senior Patrol Officer is designated as the Shift Commander. The Patrol Division is currently overseen by Operations Lt. Royce Stafford. The Patrol Division is responsible for answering all initial calls for service whether they may be first aid calls, fire calls, motor vehicle accidents, or reports of criminal activity. Patrol's main function is to conduct all preliminary investigations involving a wide range of both criminal and non-criminal activity. The Patrol Officers on the road are dispatched via our communications desk which is staffed 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by either a Civilian Dispatcher or a Patrol Officer in their absence. Our Department employs 4 full time Civilian Communications Officers.

body camera

Body Worn Cameras

Beginning in April of 2016, all uniformed Town of Boonton Police Officers in the Patrol Division began utilizing Body Worn Cameras (BWC).  It is the policy of the Town of Boonton Police Department to utilize BWC’s to assist our personnel in the performance of their duties by proving an accurate and unbiased recorded account of an incident and to maintain the necessary safeguards that will ensure the non-discriminating use as well as proper preservation of evidence that may be obtained through use of this technology.

The BWCs supplement Mobile Video Recorders (MVR) already deployed in all marked patrol cars providing an additional perspective of a situation.  Each camera system is now able to potentially capture parts of an incident scene that the another camera may not.  BWCs can assist in providing a clear and unbiased recorded account that protect both citizens, as well as the officers.

Nonactive camera

non active body camera

Here are pictures of what the wearable video/audio recorder looks like and where it's located on the offier (center of the chest, on the exterior of his/her uniform). The wearable video/audio recorder also has a bright green bar visible on the front of the unit showing when the recorder is active.

Active camera

Active body camera
Boonton Detective Bureau Badge

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau's primary responsibility is to conduct follow-up investigations of all criminal matters referred to them by the Patrol Division. Detectives also conduct their own investigations by developing and maintaining sources of intelligence regarding criminal activity occurring within town. The Detective Bureau also works closely with neighboring agencies as well as the NJ Division of Criminal Justice and Morris County Prosecutor's Office regarding investigations or criminal matters that may travel outside the town limits.

The Detective Bureau is further responsible for storing and securing evidence relating to investigations. Additionally they are responsible for administrative tasks such as police applicant background checks and firearms application processing. Click here to find out more information on firearms processing.