Senior Citizens

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The Town of Boonton is proud to serve our senior citizen population.  To learn more about the two senior groups, please call either number below.  For additional information on some of the programs offered, please click the link below or to the right.

To find out about planned activities and joining, please call:

  • Boontonites: (973) 334-0575
  • Boonton Friendship Club: Lois Gallagher (973) 462-5239;
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Senior Social Events

Senior Socials are run by the Boonton Recreation Department and are held twice a year at the Boonton Senior Center.  The events are FREE and open to all Town of Boonton seniors.  Join us for some Bingo, pie and ice cream, and trivia!  To find out specific dates and times, please email or call (973) 402-9410 ext. 642.

Morris County Emergency Program

Morris County offers assistance to senior citizens who cannot find any source programs to help them with an immediate need. If you know someone who could use such assistance, please refer them to the Morris County Office of Ageing, Disabilities, and Community Programming at 973-285-6848.

Download the program brochure.

Be Aware of Scams!

Scam Targeting Senior Citizens

Senior citizens across the state are being targeted through a phone scam. Victims are contacted, via phone, and informed that their grandchild was in an accident or was arrested and they are in need of bail money to be released. The caller tells the victim the sum of money needed and sends a courier to their home to pick it up or directs them to wire the money or purchase gift cards.

There have been over 70 incidents reported statewide with several occurring in Morris County. Anyone receiving a similar call is asked to contact their local Police Department immediately.

Social Security

Social Security Contact Information

You can speak with a representative by calling your local Social Security office or their National 800 Number. They provide local office phone numbers conveniently online with their Social Security Office Locator.

SSA also wants you to know they have many secure and convenient online services to:

• Apply for Retirement Benefits

• Apply for Disability Benefits 

• Apply for Medicare Benefits

• Check the status of an application or appeal,

• Request a replacement Social Security card (in most areas),

• Print a benefit verification letter, and

• Much more.

Most business with SSA can be done online, but they know that many people still rely on phone or in-person help. That’s why they want you to know you can still count on them by phone. And, if you have a critical situation they cannot help you with by phone or online, they may be able to schedule an appointment for you.

If you need help from SSA, please don’t wait until they can see you in person. Reach out now and get the help you need.

Lastly, SSA also understands that getting medical and other documentation can be difficult due to the pandemic. So, they are continuing to extend certain deadlines wherever possible. has put together a helpful Social Security guide, find it here.