Street Department


The Division of Streets is responsible for the maintenance of about 28 miles of roadway in the Town. (Total roadway mileage appears to be about 28.3 miles for the municipality, 4 miles for the county and 2 miles for NJDOT. Note that water, sanitary and storm sewer lines and outfalls will be located and travel under non-municipal roadways and other areas, such as easements.


The Division is composed of eight (8) staff members: Assistant Foreman, Equipment Operator, Maintenance Repairers and Laborers with one seasonal employee. There are no divisions of parks, buildings and grounds, sanitation, recycling or mechanics. Most of the functions of divisions such as these are the province of the Division of Streets. Primary functions performed by these staff members include:

  • Maintain 35 miles of streets (according to Department or 28 miles according to NJDOT)
  • Repairing potholes and other road surface irregularities
    • Crack sealing – both in-house and by contractor
    • Belgian block repair
    • Prepare streets for paving by contractor working under Superintendent of Public Works contract
  • Maintain ( with assistance from Division of Water and Sewer) approximately 35 miles of storm sewer collection lines ranging in size from 10” to unstated maximum diameter and about 579 catch basins (inlets) which carry runoff to 57 outfalls, all of which are under DPW jurisdiction
  • Installing and repairing directional, street name, regulatory and warning signage within the Town, except on county roads and state highways (MUTCD compliance)
  • Oversee contractor who performs line painting for parking spaces, crosswalks, schools, etc. (MUTCD compliance); Department contracts out long line and parking lot line painting.
  • While property owner is responsible for maintenance of sidewalk and curb, when property owner agrees to replace 50% or more of the sidewalk and sidewalk, Division will remove and dispose of old sidewalk and curb
  • Leaf collection from the last week of October until mid-December (depending on weather conditions & leaf fall)
  • Snow and ice control, including night removal of snow from business district
  • In spring prepare parks to be ready for active use
  • Remove trees to clear streets and collect and dispose of any tree debris following storms
  • Special projects assigned related to street repair and citizen requests for service
  • Coordinate with the contract solid waste collector regarding missed pickups or special needs
  • Operate the recycling center and coordinate with the County of Morris regarding both residential pick up and disposal of center materials.
  • Manage parks and grounds maintenance with two (2) to three (3) full time staff assigned to grass mowing and grounds maintenance during growing season.
  • Senior Yard Waste Collection Program by appointment on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, May to October – special collection service offered to senior citizens who have difficulty taking yard waste to Street Division’s drop-off site
  • Street sweeping – The entire Town is swept four (4) times/year with special attention given to:
    • Main Street which is swept every Monday, Thursday and Saturday between 6 and 8 AM
    • First block of side streets off of Main Street swept every Monday and Thursday