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The Code Enforcement / Zoning Office is tasked with ensuring that the various adopted municipal codes are followed and enforced. Our safety, property values and Boonton's reputation as a cared for community depend on how well we care for our town.

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If you would like to report a code violation, you may click the "Report a Concern" button on the home page or CLICK HERE. You may do so anonymously.

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Code Enforcement Process

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1) Educate/Communicate

The goal of the code enforcement / zoning office is to beautify the town and maintain its integrity through compliance of municipal codes that are in place. The process starts with communication, public education, work agreements and finally compliance. The issuance of summonses is of last resort and is never a solution, as compliance would still remain the ending goal. By communicating and educating the public, we will bring awareness and open a line of communication, thus reducing the number of warnings and summonses needed to beautify Boonton and make it safe. Please review some helpful educational materials found here:

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2) Patrols/Inspections

The Town's Code Enforcement Officer / Zoning Officer patrols and inspects the town throughout the week. When a violation is identified, a photograph is taken, and the violation is recorded with an electronic device using a municipal management software called Spatial Data Logic, SDL. All the information gathered from the electronic device in the field is automatically synced to the office computer that also has SDL.  

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3) Violation Notices/Door Hangers

If the nature of the violation is of garbage, snow, grass, leaves, missed inspection, etc.… something that can and should be handled with in a few days, a door hanger will be left at the property. !!!THIS IS A WARNING, NOT A SUMMONS!!! The door hanger will have a re-inspection date in which the violation should be in compliance. A sample door hanger can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

If the nature of the violation consists of something that requires more time, a violation notice will be produced back at the office. The Violation Notice will contain the municipal code(s) that have been violated, brief instruction(s) of what is expected for compliance and a compliance date. This Violation Notice will be mailed to the property owners last known address. !!!THIS IS A WARNING, NOT A SUMMONS!!! A sample Violation Notice can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

!!!THIS IS A WARNING, NOT A SUMMONS!!! Door hangers and violation notices have the Code Enforcement Officer / Zoning Officer contact information. Please make contact with the Code Enforcement Officer / Zoning Officer, failure to do so may result in a summons.  

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4) Work Agreements

The objective of Code Enforcement and Zoning is compliance, never a summons. The town understands and respects that it can take more than 30 days to get a professional contractor in to do the work or for the weather to cooperate. For that reason, we have created a Work Agreement that allows property owners to explain their situation and set realistic goals and timelines for compliance of the violation(s). Some violation(s) may not warrant additional time, please contact the code enforcement / zoning office when requesting additional time. You may view a sample Work Agreement by CLICKING HERE.

UH OH, the violation(s) are not in compliance by the original comply date and/or there is no active work agreement and/or the new comply date on the work agreement has passed, what happens now? There was a lack of communication and A SUMMONS WILL HAVE  TO BE ISSUED. It is your responsibility to contact the office and fill out the work agreement; no work agreement on file may result in A SUMMONS. Please note, after a summons has been issued, the goal still remains compliance. The violation(s) are still expected to be in compliance or additional summons may follow until the violation(s) are in compliance. 

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5) Summons

Last resort, a summons (ticket) is issued when a violation(s) has not been corrected within the violations notice / door hanger comply date and/or no work agreement exists and/or the work agreement comply date has passed. A copy of the summons will come in the mail. On the ticket, you will find the nature of the violation(s), applicable codes and a court date. Please be aware the Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer is not responsible for the court date, the courts are. Once a summons is issued, it is a court matter and no longer in the purview of the town, however compliance is still expected. Compliance may work in your favor on the day of court.

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6) Court

Once a summons is issued, it is a matter of the court and will be handled as such. You will receive a letter from the court confirming the court date. The court should be contacted regarding the exact court date and/or if a letter from the court confirming the date was not received. As a reminder, Boonton's Court is located in Parsippany. Please be aware, the court is not responsible for the summons that was issued, the Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer is. Get more information about the court by CLICKING HERE. You may also call the court at (973) 331-7159.