Boonton 1960s

1967 – Boonton celebrates its 100th anniversary

The following are taken from various newspaper articles from the Boonton Times-Bulletin of 1967 and the activities that occurred.

(During the year 2017, you can visit the Boonton Historical Society to see their display of the 1967 Centennial)

Mayor Alfonse Scerbo

January 2, 1967 – Mayor Al Scerbo New Year Message

Mayor Alfonse W. Scerbo presented the following address at the annual reorganization meeting at the Town of Boonton on Monday night.

“Today we officially enter our Centennial year. I am very proud that luck has permitted me to be Mayor during this important year.”

“I believe that 1967 could mark the rebirth of Boonton’s importance as a leading community in the County.”

“This year will see the consolidation of  two outdated firehouses into one modern building and the subsequent  release of a prime site for a new business; the completion of our new  grammar school; the extension of our water system towards a completely  automated and self-sufficient one; the continued reclamation of our  natural resources; the further development of our recreational  facilities; one and perhaps two additions to our industrial family;  continued determination to upgrade all our housing and, I hope the  initial stage of our Urban Renewal program.”

“Above all, my hope this day is that the  “Spirit of 67” will reach all our citizens and bring about a deep and  abiding interest in our Town. Boonton has a very proud past – let us  build on it to an even brighter future.”

Schedule of Events

  • January 1 - Brothers of the Brush Beard Growing Contest
  • March 18 - Dinner Birthday Party – Victorian Inn
  • March 30 - U.S. Navy Band Concert – American Field Service
  • May 26 - Centennial Fashion Show
  • May 29 - Dedication of Mayor’s Park and burial of Centennial Time Capsule
  • May 30 
    • “American Heritage Day “Parade
    • Family Picnic
  • May 31 
    • Industrial Open House
    • Main Street Art Exhibit
    • Brothers of the Brush, Sisters of the Swish judging
  • June 1 - “Through the Years” Concert – Boonton High School
  • June 2
    • Jubilee Dance – Boonton Elks Club
    • Centennial Ball – Victorian Inn
    • Centennial Dance – Boonton High School
  • June 3 - Anniversary Parade, Fireworks in the evening
  • June 4
    • Religious Heritage Day
    • Church attendance in Centennial Garb
    • Children’s Parade
    • Evening Community Hymn Sing