Local News of Boonton Past

Source: The Weekly Boonton Bulletin

Dec 1872

“Occasionally think of the poor and needy in your midst and do whatever may be in your power to ameliorate their condition.”

March 1874

“The two young ladies who borrowed the newly made molasses candy from their neighbor’s door (places outside to cool), are advised to return the same or equivalent within ten days or receive their just punishment, according to the law.”

March 1877

The wages for a skilled mechanic amounted to no more than $7.00 a week whereas laborers .70 cents a day

July 1882

“Boonton lawns are being looked after better this spring than they have been for several years past. Now, if we can only get to our sidewalks!”

Sept 1885

“The Board of Education of Boonton has fixed the new principal’s salary at $900 for the school year”

Jan 26, 1888

“The Boonton Ice house are all about filled with good quality of ice of about ten inches of thickness”

“Many thoughts should have but little sleighing, comparatively this winter; but we’ve had already weeks of excellent sleighing”

July 1876 – Boonton Celebrates America’s 100th Birthday

Boonton Weekly Bulletin
Detailed Newspaper article from July 4th, 1876