Shredded Paper Preparation

explanation of how to dispose of shredded paper

MUA Issues Guidelines for Proper Preparation of Shredded Paper

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has issued new guidelines for the proper preparation of shredded paper in those municipalities that participate in the MCMUA’s “all-in-one” single-stream curbside recycling collection program.  These guidelines are designed to make the recycling process more efficient.

Recycle Shredded Paper Responsibly:

  • Shred as little paper as possible - only those pieces of paper with information on them that you don’t want others to see.  The less shredded paper in the recycling stream, the better for the recycling process.  Because shredded paper is so small, it doesn’t get sorted with other paper and winds up in the trash at the end of the system.
  • All shredded paper that will be set at curbside for collection or that will be deposited at a local recycling center should be put into clear or light-colored plastic bags, such as grocery bags.
  • Dark colored trash bags should not be used.
  • Do not put any other paper, recyclables or trash into the plastic bags containing shredded paper.
  • Tie knots to securely close the top of the bag

More information about recycling is available online, view the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority website, or call the MCMUA at 973-285-8395.