Curbside GARBAGE Pick-up

cartoon picture of garbage can and truck

The Town uses an outside contractor to collect garbage at the curbside.  We pay for this service based on the weight collected.  To help keep costs down and dispose or waste responsibly, please be sure to review the 4 general rules below.  As well, included here are the pick-up schedule, sticker program parameters and other important information.


Each residence utilizing the Town's curbside collection service shall be entitled to 2 garbage cans / bags per residential unit (not to exceed 30 pounds gross weight each) on each pick-up day without incurring a charge. 


Please place garbage at the curb AFTER 6PM on the eve of your scheduled pick-up.  Garbage placed at the curb prior to 6PM or on no-collection days will result in a warning and possible summons.


Do not place recyclables at the curb on garbage days and visa versa.  It will not be picked up and could result in a warning and summons. 


Additional containers, bags or items that cannot fit in a can or bag that are left at the curbside requires the purchase of a sticker from the Municipal Clerk or from the Public Works Department. Examples of items requiring a sticker include but are not limited to television sets and other larger electronic devises, mattresses and box spring sets, furniture, household goods, appliances, large trash, carpeting and similar materials.


Bulk Garbage & the Sticker Program

Excess Garbage Stickers - $2.50 per bag/container

  • Available at Town Hall or the Recycling Center
  • Required when putting out more than 2 bags or containers
  • Put extra bags/containers with sticker clearly visible curbside with regular garbage

Bulk Item Stickers - $5.00 for small items; $10.00 for large items

  • Available at Town Hall or the Recycling Center
  • Required for furniture or other large non-metallic items
  • Place bulk items curbside on regular garbage day with sticker clearly visible

Large Appliance Stickers - $10.00 each  

  • Available at Town Hall or the Recycling Center
  • Required for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.
  • No sticker required if you take it to the recycling center yourself 
  • Please call 973-402-9460 to schedule a pick-up

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Garbage Routes

Section Schedule
Flats Monday and Thursday
Hill (including Main Street)
Tuesday and Friday
Monday & Thursday

Holiday Schedule 2023

There will be no collection on the these dates. Put your garbage out the following "make-up" day.
Holiday Make-up
New Year's Day N/A
Memorial Day May 30th
Independence Day  July 5th
Labor Day  September 5th
Thanksgiving Day  November 24th
Christmas Day  December 26th